Favorite vacation pictures: USA road trip

Hi there!

During the summer of 2014, my Tall Man and I went on a road trip for three weeks in the United States and it was absolutely fantastic. I love to travel and I would like to share some of my favorite pictures from this trip.

My love for travelling probably comes from the fact that I grew up in Paris. I’m originally from Belgium, but my family and I moved to France as expats. I was nine years old when we left, and I moved back to Belgium when I was eighteen, to study at a Belgian university. My parents still live in Paris.

Bryce Canyon

We started off with the big apple. We stayed in New York for 6 days and during this time we visited Central Park, The Metropolitan, The Museum of Natural History, the Empire State Building… One of my favorite parts was Coney Island. I had no idea there was a beach close to New York. Most fun of all was that I read that “Coney” comes from the Dutch word “Konijn”, which means rabbit. In fact, Coney Island means Rabbit Island in old Dutch.

New York trip

I didn’t handle our eight-hour flight from Brussels to New York very well 🙂

Coney Island

Next, we flew to San Francisco where we had the most beautiful weather ever. I absolutely loved the colored houses of San Francisco, the piers, the general vibe. We ended up driving on the Golden Gate Bridge across the water into Muir Woods, where we hiked.

San Francisco trip

San Francisco trip

Next, we started the actual road trip. We visited Mariposa, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Monument Valley (most beautiful place on earth!!), Arches National Park, Horseshoe bend, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and so on. At some point, being on the road for quite a long time, you get an absolute sense of freedom. All of the daily troubles melted away as we became more one with nature.

Tree-hugging a giant Sequoia in Mariposa.


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Horseshoe Bend


I sincerely hope you ever get to experience an amazing road trip like ours. It’s been two years now since we went to the States and we still feel like it was one of our best trips ever.

Monument Valley



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