How to make a basic polymer clay bead

Hi there!

Polymer clay bead

This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic polymer clay bead. Once you know how to transform polymer clay into beads, the possibilities will be endless. Many artistic projects lie ahead of you!

Step 1 : pick a nice colour of polymer clay.

Cut off a manageable piece of clay and roll it into a ball.

Polymer clay

My first piece of advice here : our hands tend to be covered in fabric residue and dust. Especially if you’ve just washed your hands and dried them with a towel. This will end up in your polymer clay. So I take a piece of clay that I will throw away at the end of my project, and I press it against my palms and fingertips. As you can see in the picture, I managed to get a lot of dust of my hands!

Step 2 : roll the ball into a longer piece and cut it.

IMG_4440  IMG_4441

Use a template to make sure your beads are of the same size.

Step 3 : now roll all of the pieces into little balls

To make them into a proper bead, you will have to pierce them with a tooth pick, like this.

IMG_4449 IMG_4452

However, polymer clay beads tend to get pear-shaped when you pierce them. You can correct the shape of your bead by reinserting the tooth pick on the other side of the bead (the side of the bead where you did not begin with the tooth pick).

Step 4 : it is now time to bake!

Place all of your beads into an oven dish and bake the beads according to the instructions on the package. This should take around 30 minutes at 110°C or 230°F for regular Fimo.

The beads will still be “bouncy” when they get out of the oven. During the cooling down process, they will become harder and you will be able to use them as proper beads.

Tadaah!! Well done.


This could be yours!


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