Couple housewarming gift DIY

Recently, one of my friends moved in with her boyfriend and she invited me to come over and check out her new place. I had been thinking about a nice housewarming gift for a while and finally I  decided to make matching HOMIES t-shirts!


I was so thrilled for them that I wanted to do something special and make a present myself. I think it came out really well and I’m very happy with the result. It took me about 2 to 3 hours to complete, so if you want to make this, take your time!

Another good friend of mine once made matching girl’s boxers for our reunion of our little group of four friends (we live in different countries) and I was so enchanted with her homemade gift that I wore those underpants until the golden letters were almost completely gone. Loved it!

These t-shirts are not overly romantic, they are just super fun for a couple I know to be a great team. I’m sure they will be a great team of Homies.

Supplies needed for this project:

  • Two matching t-shirts. I bought two black t-shirts, one for her, one for him, but you could also go for different colours, of course.
  • A sheet of gold glitter paper to iron onto fabric. I bought mine here, but you can also buy it on amazon.
  • A print out of your text
  • Scissors
  • Ironing board and an iron


If you want to use the same font: I used Lucida Bright in cursive, size 160 for the “HOMIES” part. I used the same for “Est. 2016”, but in size 90 (in Word).

First, cut all of the letters out and use them as a template to draw them onto the gold sheet. Be precise! 🙂 Next, cut the letters from the gold sheet and put them aside. Once you’re done, arrange everything onto your t-shirt. I had to remove a thin sheet of transparent paper from the bottom of the golden foil.

This is what it looked like before ironing:


Next, carefully iron the foil onto the t-shirts, according to the instructions on the package of the gold foil. It took me a few minutes per t-shirt, but I was doing it very carefully.


This is what it looks like after ironing.


I think it’s super cute.

This gold foil material thing is actually pretty great. Not only can you transfer text to a t-shirt (or any other kind of fabric), you can also design patterns and drawings and transfer those too. The possibilities are endless!

This is how I wrapped the presents. The blue paper came from last summer’s trip to Stockholm, and the white paper came from the dutch magazine Flow.






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