Happy Thursday!

Thursday is my favourite day of the week. Simply because… it is my DAY OFF! Yes!

I looooooove to be at home, to stay in bed for hours and to read my favourite books and magazines. I looove to work on my blog posts with a cup (okay, an entire pot) of coffee. I loooove to hang out with my cat who accidentally also loves Thursday because he won’t be alone at home.

* Don't look at the camera!!*

* Don’t look at the camera!!*

I spent most of my day off thinking about new blog posts and new creative projects. I am working on so many things right now, that I will need a lot of time to put everything together and to take beautiful pictures. I am currently working on two types of handmade wall art, a few pieces of jewelry; I have some cooking ideas, some tips to share about a vegetarian lifestyle (I’ve been a vegetarian for half my life)… It might seem like I have a lot to do, but I actually love to work on my blog and to write articles. Stay tuned because I have a lot of creative projects to share!

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

This is my view from the bed – I’m reading my favourite magazine and my cat Basil is hanging out in the chair. He’s especially fond of this spot in the house because it is next to the window and the balcony, where many birds fly by and he gets to feel like a predator 🙂

I’m sending you my Happy Thursday vibes!



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