Vintage upcycle: pineapple dish

Last week, I saw a fabulous episode of Superscrimpers Challenge on TV. If you don’t know what Superscrimpers Challenge is: this is a british tv show with tips and tricks for saving money and DIY-ing – just my thing! There was one project in particular that caught my attention: a candle project in a large glass dish. I thought I’d make my own version and I went hunting for vintage glass dishes online. I found these fabulous vintage pineapple dishes and transformed them into candles!

Multiple pineapple

Supplies needed for this project:

  • Glass dishes (with glass that is thick enough for molten wax)
  • Tealights without the aluminium
  • Candle wax
  • Essential oil


I’m so in love with these two!


Start by taking the aluminium foil of the tealights and position them into your glass dish. I noted that I needed about four tealights per pineapple. As you can see on the picture below, the tealights were sitting quite low in the glass dishes. So my goal was to make a first layer of molten wax and let this layer dry. Next, I would put the tealights on top and cover them with a second layer of wax. This way there would be more volume to the candles and also… NO MESS with wicks not sticking to the bottom and falling over!

So I roughly measured how much candle wax I would need for the first layer.



To melt the candle wax, pour it into a little pan on medium fire. Be carefull because the wax melts very very quickly (less than a minute is necessary). Add a few drops of essential oil. A great tip: if you have some chopsticks left from your last order of chinese food, use these to stir the wax in the pan. Once you are done, you can just throw them away. Easy peasy.



Now it is time to pour the molten wax into the dishes and to let this layer dry. It took about 15 minutes for this layer to cool down and to become hard, because it was such a thin layer. For thicker candles, it would take more time.


Once it cooled down, I positioned four tealights on top of the first layer. Repeat the first step and melt some more candle wax with essential oil. Stir with the chopsticks until all of the lumps have disappeared and pour into the dishes, over the tealights.

 pineapple-upcycle-h pineapple-upcycle-i

  pineapple-upcycle-k pineapple-upcycle-l

Now let everything cool down for a while and then you are ready to go! I think these are fabulous for a party (inside or outside). You could even make big garden candles by using large glass bowls or dishes and put them in the grass at night. Very romantic!



My next move was to put them onto our balcony. Cute cute cute! The essential oil I used is also pretty great, it smells like summer.



Happy DIY-ing!



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