Thoughts on making glass jewelry with the Hot Pot

The fun part about the world of DIY, is that there is an endless supply of tools for you to use and to be creative with. Most of these tools are specifically designed for beginners, so you could try to work with different things at home.

One such tool is the Hot Pot for glass fusing.

The Hot Pot is a small melting pot that allows you to melt pieces of glass. In your microwave. At home.

There is a fabulous glass shop here in Antwerp, called Glaspunt. They offer several workshops, including a workshop for making jewelry with the Hotpot. Check them out, because they do all sorts of things, including antique glass restauration. The purpose of this workshop is to learn the basics of the Hot Pot, so you could use it at home for all of your creative projects. I was very interested in this device, because I was curious if I could make any jewelry at home using the melting pot. But I wanted to follow a workshop first, so I’d be sure I knew what I was doing.


So I went to the workshop with my boyfriend’s mom and sister and we had a great girls day out. The workshop consisted of a welcome speech with a cup of coffee and a detailed explanation of what we would be doing that morning. Our teacher had set up a large table with many containers with different colours of glass (flat pieces). She showed us how to cut the glass to the right size for the melting process.

An interesting part of the melting process, is that you have to put two different layers of glass on top of each other. If you look at the earrings in the picture above and below, you will notice that one of the pairs has a metallic color. I superposed a piece of glass with metal foil in it on top of another piece of glass, and it created a special effect.

The light blue earrings were made by superimposing a piece of transparent glass over a piece of blue glass.

So it’s fair to say that you could make many combinations and create a lot of different effects. The purpose of this double layer is to give the glass some consistency.

Next came the actual melting process. It was mainly the teacher who was supervising the Hot Pots, I must say. The whole process looked kind of frightening and I’m not sure if I would try it at home – but that’s just me!

Once all of the glass was melted, we let them cool down before transforming them into jewelry.




What it actually comes down to, is that we made some glass beads and we glued them onto a metal base (earring, brooch, ring). I made a lot of earrings because I’m an earring girl, but you can make many different things. There was also the possibility of creating special effects such as drawings by using very thin tubes of glass. It’s too bad I didn’t use those, I could have taken some pictures for this blog post.

So I wanted to follow the workshop to see if this Hot Pot would be anything for me. I must say that I really enjoyed the workshop and I liked the transformation of all our little pieces of squared, flat glass into beautiful beads. It was always a surprise to see how the beads would come out of the Hot Pot and that was very stimulating.

However, I’m not sure if I would try this at home. I liked the fact that everything was supervised, I would be too scared to do this in my kitchen and burn the place down. I do want to go back to take the next workshop, for advanced students. It was a great experience, especially because it was such a nice girls day out. If you are interested in making glass jewelry, I would recommend you try out a workshop before using the actual Hot Pot at home.

Also, I especially love the blue earrings. I wear them all the time because I think they are beautiful and because they complement my blue eyes. There is a soft texture to them and I absolutely love them.




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