How to upgrade an old t-shirt into something shiny

Hello there!

Lately, I’ve been into a gold frenzy. Everything gold, please!

One of my items on my to-do list is cleaning out my closet (really, it’s necessary), and in this context, I upgraded a plain grey tank top by adding some gold geometric sparkle to it.

Gold t-shirt DIY 1

This what I made.

If you’d like to do the same, you will need following supplies:

  • A plain t-shirt. I’m really liking this grey cotton combination with the gold colour
  • A sheet of gold paper you can iron onto fabric
  • A pair of scissors
  • An iron and an ironing bord.

That’s it, really. This tutorial is also extremely quick and easy.

Gold t-shirt DIY (3)

Cut the gold sheet into triangles. I didn’t even measure it out, it just went with it. I positioned the triangles along the border of the neckline and then I started spreading them out as if they’re falling down.

The next step is to iron the triangles onto the shirt. It takes up to a few minutes for all of the foil to stick to the fabric.

Gold t-shirt DIY (1)

That is all! I read on the package of the gold iron on sheet that you should wash the t-shirt inside out.

Gold t-shirt DIY (2)

IMG_5049Happiness. Do it yourself!


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