Lovely baby doll necklace

Here on Happy DIY, we love jewelry. Most of all, we love making jewelry ourselves! One of my favorite products to work with, is polymer clay. Once you’ve mastered the art of polymer clay, the possibilities are endless. You can make yourself some rosebud earrings, or the polymer clay necklace in this tutorial.

This baby doll necklace was inspired by the light and airy summer season. I wanted to use some fresh, soft colours for a new piece of jewelry, so I made a baby doll necklace.

Babydoll jewelry (7)

These are the supplies I used:

  • Polymer clay Fimo n° 8020-105 Vanilla
  • Polymer clay Fimo n° 8023 21 Blossom
  • Jump rings, golden necklace, a lock
  • Glitter nail polish that I bought here
  • Nylon thread
  • Scissors and pliers

First, make some really big beads with the Fimo clay and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 110 °C. Let the beads cool down until you can handle them.

Next, apply a layer of glitter nail polish. I put each bead on a barbecue stick, which made it much, much easier to paint the beads. I put all of the sticks in a tall glass and let them dry for a while.

Babydoll jewelry (15)

Babydoll jewelry (16)

Babydoll jewelry (14)

Babydoll jewelry (11)

So pretty!

Once the beads have dried and are ready to go, gather all of your supplies. Start by threading your beads together with nylon thread and attach it to a jump ring.

Babydoll jewelry (9)

Adjust the length of the necklace in front of the mirror before attaching the beads to the gold necklace. By this I mean that you should try the necklace at different heights: how long do you want the necklace to be? I ended up making a pretty long necklace, I used about 29 cm of gold necklace on EACH side.

Finally, attach a lock to the necklace. I removed the long flat pieces of metal because I didn’t need them.

Babydoll jewelry (12)

Here is the end result, I’m super happy with it!!

Babydoll jewelry (2)

Babydoll jewelry (4)

Babydoll jewelry (3)

Babydoll jewelry (17)

If you would like to purchase this necklace, you can find it on my Etsy shop through here.

Thinking about selling jewelry as a hobby? I’ve got just the right article for you!

Happiness. Do it yourself!



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