Cat Tipi DIY project

Today, I’m proudly displaying the cat tipi that my boyfriend made for our newly adopted kitty! If you are looking to make a tent for your pet, just follow this DIY-project, and offer it to His Highness (if you have a cat, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

This tent is loads of fun, lightweight, and customizable with all sorts of fabrics and colors!

It is also a very casual, no stress project. No measurements were taken, everything was done on the go.


Supplies needed for this project:

  • A large piece of burlap
  • Wooden (or bamboo) sticks
  • Stitch needles + colourful thread
  • White glue

stap 01

Step 1: cut the burlap into a large circle.

As you can see, my boyfriend Christiaan used our marble table as a template to cut a big circle out of the fabric.

stap 03

He drew the outline of the table with a marker and then proceeded to cut out the shape.

Next, he put some glue on the edges to avoid that the fabric would start to fray.

stap 06

stap 07

Step 2: measure the diameter of your circle and cut a whole in the center of the fabric. Secure it with glue to avoid fraying.

Step 3: start making the construction of the tent by tying the wooden sticks together. As you can see, Christiaan just used a rubber band to tie them all together.

stap 11

He then used a smaller table as support for the wooden sticks. This project is very casual and not measured out, just grab whatever you have and make it easy for yourself.

stap 12

Step 4: start draping the fabric around the wooden sticks and mark a line where the fabric overlaps. You will cut away the excess fabric and stitch both ends together.

stap 13

Cut the extra fabric, but make sure there is enough left to stitch everything together.

Christiaan used safety pins to hold the fabric in place. He then started stitching the open ends together. The fabric should fit well on the wooden construction you’ve made earlier.

Step 5: make a stitch around the wooden sticks so that everything is held into place.

stap 17

Step 6: place some smaller pieces of wooden sticks in between the legs of the tent. Use some extra strong glue to secure the structure. These pieces in between will give more stability to the pet tipi. On the bottom of the wooden sticks, the fabric has been stitched assure that everything stays in place.

stap 18

Step 7: make an opening for your pet! Cut out a piece that is big enough and start decorating. My boyfriend hand stitched the name “Lou” 🙂

stap 19

stap 20

And you are done! Here are some more cute kitty pictures!

stap 25

stap 23

Om nom nom

stap 24

Happiness. Do it yourself!


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