Nigella’s Rocky road with a twist: vegetarian dessert!

There is nothing quite as delicious as a big batch of homemade rocky road! Are you feeling down? Treat yourself with this rich, chocolate dessert and a nice cup of tea, and the sun will shine again! I mean, what is better than a bunch of candy covered with chocolate?

Rocky road recipe easy (11)

I recently made this vegetarian version of Rocky Road for the purpose of this blog post. But family came over unexpectedly, and I was SUPER happy to be able to serve desert fresh out of the freezer! (After having taken all of the pictures I needed for this blog post, of course!) This is an excellent desert to have in your freezer for surprise visits. If you’re into cooking, check out my recipe for homemade granola cookies (organic, with chocolate!), my pink cupcakes or my peach-and-fudge jam recipe for hardcore people.

The thing about Rocky road, is that it is often made with marshmallows. However, since I’ve been a vegetarian for the last decade, I can’t eat marshmallows. I found a great recipe on Nigella’s website and I adjusted the recipe into a vegetarian dessert. You can find the original recipe of Nigella’s Rocky Road Crunch Bars through this link.

For the vegetarian version, you will only need a couple of ingredients:

  • 125g of soft butter
  • 300g of chocolate of your preference (I used milk chocolate) + 100g extra
  • 3 spoons of Maple syrup
  • +/- 150g of chopped nuts
  • +/- 150g of Almond biscuits
  • Strawberries, raspberries etc. to eat with your dessert

Rocky road recipe easy (6)

Rocky road recipe easy (15)

Rocky road recipe easy (4)

First step: chop the chocolate, biscuits and nuts into fine pieces. Put the biscuits and the nuts into a big bowl. Next, melt the butter and the chocolate together au bain marie.

Rocky road recipe easy (7)

Rocky road vegetarian

Rocky road recipe easy (5)

This is looking so delicious!

Rocky road recipe easy (3)

Once the butter and chocolate have melted completely, add a few spoons of maple syrup, and stir well.

Rocky road recipe easy (2)

Second step: pour this golden liquid over the chopped nuts and almond cookies and mix well. Put everything in a big baking dish and let it set in the fridge overnight.

Rocky road recipe easy (1)

The next day, melt some extra chocolate and pour it over the mixture. Let it set.

Once everything has cooled down, and the chocolate has set again, cut the rocky road into large chunks.

Rocky road recipe easy (10)

Rocky road recipe easy (8)

Rocky road recipe easy (14)

It is super yummie! Make a big batch and share with your family, they will love you even more 😉

Happiness. Do it yourself!



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