Favorite jewelry designer: Tiroir de Lou

I would like to announce a new series of blog posts on Happy DIY: every month, I am going to dedicate a blog post to a jewelry artists that I’m SUPER in love with.

I am going to start by introducing the Belgian jewelry artist, Tiroir de Lou, which means ‘Lou’s drawer’. (I will add some links at the bottom of this post to her website, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram account).

Tiroir de Lou collier

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Letiroirdelou/home

Lou started her career as a journalist. However, she has been attracted to the beauty of jewelry since her early childhood, on the playground, as she states on her website: ” I would sell rings to my friends […] and offer brazilian bracelets to my lovers“. For years, she made and sold her jewelry exclusively to  friends, and to friends of friends. In 2013, she was  able to deposit her brand, and she has worked as a jewelry artist ever since.

Lou makes exquisite little pieces of art, which are very light, feminine and easy to wear. Her jewelry is designed around four important elements: proportion, contrast, harmony and lightness.

Tiroir de Lou boucles d'oreilles

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Letiroirdelou/home

Her inspiration comes from beautiful objects that she finds in everyday life and that make her dream: ” The touch of a beautiful piece of fabric, observing an iridescent rock, looking at the clouds, a snow flock, a drop of water on a window [….]. To be permeated with beauty and to see it be born from my fingers. Everything starts here“.

She finds the different components of her jewelry all over the world: India, Barcelona, Paris, Anwerp… She picks up the objects that she finds charming, full of quality and refined, and  takes them home.

During her creative process, Lou uses all of these beautiful findings to imagine a new piece of jewelry. She will make new composition and combine her findings in many different ways until she has created the perfect piece.

Tiroir de Lou bracelet 2

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Letiroirdelou/home

When a piece of jewelry has finally been created, she will wear it and observe people’s reaction to it. If someone’s eye gets caught by the jewel, and keeps being interested, Lou knows she has a new piece to add to her collection!

I find the airyness of her jewelry very attractive. There is a feminine softness to every piece that she makes. The designs are so interesting because she combines all sorts of materials, such as hammered metal, semi-precious gemstones, beads and fabric to make a colourful object. Her style is also reflected in her beautiful pictures.

Tiroir de Lou

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Letiroirdelou/home

There is a summer vibe to her brand, a certain joy. You can feel her love for life through her designs and photography style.

She has collaborated with the magazine Elle Belgium and her work is sold all over Belgium. However, if you can’t find a shop nearby, you can also purchase her handmade jewelry on her website, http://www.tiroirdelou.com/.

She is very active on her Facebook-page, and host many give-aways, so keep an eye on her! You can follow her on Instagram, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Tiroir de Lou bracelet



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