Summer memories: Seashell wind chime DIY project

Shell Chime DIY 8

Earlier this year, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to the beach of south Holland, which is just across the border from where we live (Antwerp). I collected shells from the shoreline, because I like to keep memento’s from our little trips and I like collecting seashells.

You can make loads of fun DIY projects with shells, and I was especially intrigued by an article I had read in Flow Magazine. If you’ve read my blog post about How to keep your creative ideas organised, you’ll remember that I have a page in my binder dedicated to this shell project.

It has been on my to do-list for quite some time, and I finally got around to making the wind chime with the shells I collected on the beach that day!  I love how you can collect keepsakes from your trip and turn them into something super cute.

Supplies needed for this project:

  • Seashells from your trip (free)
  • A branch picked up from the park (free)
  • White paint and coloured paint + brushes
  • Yarn
  • A glue gun

Shell Chime DIY 1

First, start by washing the shells with soapy water to get rid of any smells. Let the shells dry. Apply a first layer of white paint (I ended up needing two layers).

Next, paint some colourful motives on the shells. I did something really fun: I hand painted the digits of my first romantic date with my boyfriend on three different shells with the intention of hanging them next to each other.

Shell Chime DIY 2

Shell Chime DIY 3

The third step: once the shells have completely dried, lay them out into a design of your choice. Do this beforehand, because it will be easier to use your glue gun if you’ve already established your pattern.

Shell Chime DIY 7

Cut some yarn into pieces of the same length and start glueing the yarn to the shells with your glue gun. I tried to puncture wholes into the shells with my goldsmithing drill, but it was too difficult and time-consuming, so I used a glue gun instead.

Shell Chime DIY 4

Shell Chime DIY 5

Excuse the dirty crafting scissors!

Shell CHime DIY 6

Now the final step: tie all of you shell strings to a wooden branch.

Shell Chime DIY 8

Shell Chime DIY 9

Happiness. Do it yourself!



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