My favorite pieces of jewelry

Well hello there!

As you might already know, I’m a little bit fanatic when it comes to jewelry. I have a nice selection of different pieces, from extremely cheap to quite expensive. Today, I’m proudly displaying my favorite pieces (and highlighting some jewelry designers at the same time 🙂 ). Some of my pieces or handmade or inherited, but most of them were bought in the store.

Here we go!

N°1: my kitty earrings, bought in Thailand in 2016. I love these – they are so cute! I bought them in a super cute store in Bangkok, they were only 5€ a pair. I wear them all the time, as they go with everything. When I were my kitty earrings, nothing can go wrong.

Jewelry pictures (9)

N°2: my earrings and necklace from Mia & Moi. This is an ensemble of earrings with a matching necklace, in silver and pearl. They were gifted to me by my boyfriend for my 25th birthday. Mia & Moi is a Belgian jewelry designer, located in Antwerp, Belgium. These earrings are made with delicate, hand carved flowers (in wax – before casting) and beautiful white pearls.

Jewelry pictures (8)

Jewelry pictures (6)

Jewelry pictures (7)

N°3: my antique golden earrings. My grandmother gave them to me a few years ago. They are about 100 years old. She received them from her godmother when she was a child (in the mid forties of last century). Even though there is no goldstamp or masterstamp, I think they were made around the 1920’s. They have suffered quite a bit already, but I still like to wear them.

Jewelry pictures (1)

N°4: my handmade, light blue glass earrings. (see my blog post about the Hot Pot workshop, where I made these). These cuties are extremely light to wear, are a little bit shiny, and most of all, complement my pale skin and blue eyes.

Jewelry pictures (2)

N°5: my diamonds rings. Designed by Wouter & Hendricks, two extremely talented goldsmiths in Antwerp.

Jewelry pictures (4)

N°6: and finally, an Art Deco pair of earrings, also by Mia & Moi. I bought these for myself as a graduation gift in 2014.

Jewelry pictures (3)

I’m really happy to showcase my favorite pieces of jewelry! Most of the time, I were earrings or my diamond ring. I almost never go to work without any piece of jewelry – if I happen to not wear anything, it is because I probably didn’t sleep very well :). What about you? What kind of jewelry wearing habits do you have?

I wish you all a splendid day!




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