It’s Piñata-time!! Cloud-shaped, reusable Piñata!

Cloud Pinata 18

A cloud-shaped piñata raining confetti and candy? WHAT?

Why yes, thank you for asking, I did make this myself  😉

This project is AWESOME – especially if you have kids, or if you want to throw a gender reveal party. It is quite time-consuming, so brace yourself, but it costs next to nothing to make it! The most expensive bit was the confetti.

This piñata has an extra fabulous feature: it is reusable! There is a ‘pull-system’ that allows you to open different, secret compartments. You can make it rain from the different sections of the cloud, and you don’t have to smash the object.


  • Big cardboard boxes (I got mine at the recycling bin in our building)
  • Scissors, pencil, a sharp knife, solid duct tape and glue
  • Yarn and crepe paper in different colors
  • Confetti + candy

Step 1: Cut out two big cloud shapes. Start by drawing one big cloud shape onto cardboard. Cut it out with your scissors and use it as a template to draw the exact same shape onto another piece of cardboard. You will need two cloud shapes for the front and the back of your piñata.

The lines drawn on the clouds represent the line where the different partitions will go.

Cloud Pinata 4

Cloud Pinata 5

Step 2: secret compartments! The spectacular thing about this piñata, are the secret compartments. With a pull-system, you can open each compartment, one at a time. To make these compartments, you need to make several partitions. Draw with your marker where you want the partition to be. Next, cut out different strips of 10 cm wide + some extra cardboard to glue it down. You want your pieces to look like the cardboard on the left, in the picture below.

Cloud Pinata 6

Put the pieces of cardboard in transverse to the clouds. Secure everything with solid tape.

Cloud Pinata 7

Cloud Pinata 8

Once you have secured all of the partitions to one side of the cloud, tape the second cloud to the partitions as well. Like this:

Cloud Pinata 9

Step 3: cut long strips of cardboard. My strips were 10cm wide and I used them for the contours of the cloud shapes.

Step 4: start wrapping the strips of cardboard around the clouds and secure it with solid tape. I manipulated the cardboard with my hands by crunching it a little bit, so that the cardboard would fit around the curves easily. Don’t forget to tie a ribbon to the top of your shape so you can hang it on the wall.

Cloud Pinata 10

Cloud Pinata 11

As you can see, I wrote down the word ‘UP’, so I’d know which side of the cloud was the top. With a marker, I then marked the spot where the ribbon would come. I secured a ribbon to the cloud, allowing me to be able to hang the piñata from the wall.

Cloud Pinata 13

Cloud Pinata 14

Step 5: cut little flaps of cardboard. On the top of your shape, you will make two openings that you can use to pour the confetti and candy in.

Cloud Pinata 17

On the bottom: make ONE FLAP per compartment. If you push the flap back, it should be able to stay closed so the confetti doesn’t fall out.


Start by puncturing a hole in the cardboard flap. Tie a knot in the yarn and put it on the inside of the cloud-shape, lead the extremity of the yarn outward through the small hole. As you can see, I made two cuts with my scissors, and I wrapped the yarn a few times around the cardboard flap by using these incisions. If you push the flap back, it will remain closed.

Cloud Pinata 15

Step 6: Now that your object has taken shape, we move on to a layer of papier-mâché. I used some left-over magazines I had lying around. The purpose of this extra layer is to create some solidity.

Cloud Pinata 12

Cloud Pinata 16

Step 7: it’s time to decorate! Cut a large amount of crepe paper into ribbons and start from the bottom; work your way up to the top.

A. cut a long strip of crepe paper and fold it over. As you can see in the picture, one edge is smaller than the other; keep it that way.

Ribbon (4)

B. Roll the crepe paper inwards.

Ribbon (3)

C. Make cuts in the paper.

Ribbon (2)

D. Unfold: you now have piñata-ribbon! This should come on the bottom, and you can superpose crepe paper over it as you go.

Ribbon (1)

1 (7)

Step 8: Final step!! Draw raindrop-shapes onto cardboard and cut those out. Wrap them in a layer of dark blue crepe paper and attach them to the yarn.


Pour confetti and candy into your cloud (through the flap at the top) and make it rain some goodness! The eyelids are optional 😉

Cloud Pinata 19

Cloud Pinata 2

Cloud Pinata 3

Cloud Pinata 18


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