How I saved 75% of my shopping budget

money-saving-tips-for-clothes-1A little while ago, I was working at a temporary job whilst also looking for a new job. Money was tight and that led to quite a bit of stress. I think I even blew a few interviews due to that stress, because I felt the pressure to get a new job quickly, and it probably affected the way I came across to my interviewers.

I didn’t want to have to feel this pressure anymore, so I made the decision that enough was enough. I was going to start living more frugally. I took a look at my closet, because my purpose was to stop buying clothes for a while ( = a year!) and save money. My closet was, and still is full, there was nothing that I needed, except for a new pair of shoes, because my three pairs of shoes weren’t going to do the trick.

I normally buy new shoes at around €120. But instead, I searched on online second-hand shops for a nice pair of shoes. I used the following online shops, because they cover the area of Belgium and the Netherlands:

My first discovery was: the Dutch site offers a lot more bargains than its Belgian counterpart. Why? It is my belief that my lovely nabures, the Dutch folks, are used to negotiating and getting the best value for the best price. I believe this comes from the fact that the Netherlands used to have colonies all over the world. The Dutch people used to trade coffee, tobacco, silk and so on in the 17th and 18th century. I therefore feel like you can get a lot more for your money on the Dutch site than on the Belgian sites.

I found a pair of new, never worn boots in my size. They are made by the brand Esprit, a brand I like indeed, and that is known for its good quality. The boots were purchased at €100 in the store, and were listed at €25. Instant 75% savings! A little bit nervously, I immediately contacted the seller, and soon we had a deal!

Ok, so, why is this a better way of buying clothes and shoes? (I got a WHOLE LIST of arguments for you 😉 !! )

  • The first obvious reason: I instantly saved 75€. You could actually even say I saved 95€, because my original budget was €120. (for my non-European readers: €120 equals 132 USD)
  • By purchasing these boots, I made sure the owner didn’t throw them out = it is more environmentally friendly to acquire something new this way.
  • I savour these shoes A LOT MORE than I would savour a pair of shoes bought in the store. Why? I got a lasting adrenaline kick from this great buy, and I was proud that I had saved so much money on a pair of boots I reaaaally like.
  • I discovered that you can find a lot of great deals on the internet if you are willing to take the time to research your best options.

All-in all, this was a very positive experience for me. In the future, this will be my way of proceeding for all of the other things I need. I hope I was able to convince you that buying second-hand can be a GREAT THING!

This is how the box arrived.

This is how the box arrived.


Unboxing: whoohoo!


Mirror selfie.


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