Ode to our kitties

Today, I would like to write an ode to our two lovely companions: our kitties Basil and Lou.

Because our life became so much more fun with the adoption of our cats, and because I love spending time with my two furry clowns, I’d like to present:



Basil as a curious little kitten in apartment n°1.


Basil as a fully grown cat in apartment n°2.

Age: a little bit more than three years old (male). Was adopted in October of 2013, has lived with us in apartment n°1 and in our current apartment n°2. Basil came to us through an animal shelter, he had about 2 or 3 brothers and sisters.

Favourite things to do: virtual bird hunting (sitting in front of our bedroom window and watching birds fly by whilst making strange hunting noises); sleeping; and that’s about it. Oh, and sleeping.

Special skill: Master Chief of Awkwardness. Is able to remain at a safe distance from all human beings but still look very awkward and uncomfortable. Other special skill: meowing without actually making any sounds.

Most embarrassing thing about me? When I was a little kitten, I would emit farts that were referred to as ‘Atomic Bombs’ by my owners. Needless to say, they smelled a little bit.

Now, my tall man being an architect, and preferring matching cats in black and white (I’m dead serious), we adopted a matching little pal in black and white:



I might accidentally have put him there.


Boy life is hard.

Age: not exactly sure. He was born somewhere in March of 2016, and was found in a field weighing only 600g and quite undernourished. He’s about 6 months old now. Lou came to us in July 2016 through a rescue organisation for street cats. He’s a tough little guy!

Favourite things to do: play. With pens, feathers, socks, Basil’s tail, his own tail. Likes to sit on the edge of the bath tub when either one of us is taking a bath.

Special skill: extreme player. Knows how to win any ladies (or gentlemen’s) heart. (Lisa, I’m looking at you! )

Most embarrassing thing about me? Alright… I actually fell into the bath tub with my little kitty butt when my owner was taking a bath, and I was so frightened by all of it that I ran across the entire appartement covered in bath foam.

Now that I’ve introduced our little guys, here are five reasons why they are so wonderful:

1. No expensive toys

Seriously. Cats don’t need any fancy toys from the store because they SIMPLY. WON’T. PLAY. WITH .IT. Many of us have bought expensive stuff designed for cats, but they just aren’t interested. All of the other things are the bomb though, especially if they are off-limits: wallpaper, buttons on expensive shirts, important documents, boxes. Which leads me to my next point:

2. If I fits, I sits

(and preferably with a stolen stress ball)


Anytime we bring home a box (such as a shoebox, a cardboard box from one of our online purchases), our kitties can be found playing with them. Super easy to keep them entertained, and we’re recycling at the same time! It’s a WIN WIN!

3. You will never be alone

Confession time: in my home, I have what I’ll fondly call my own squad. Wherever I am, the cats are there too. Often my boyfriend tags along. Which means that I’ve already encountered situations where I am the only one taking a bath, but there are four of us in the bathroom. And so, when I’m watching TV, this is what happens:


One cat on my leg, one cat above my head.

4. Much fun, great laugh

Outr two little buddies aren’t the brightest cats on earth (especially Basil, he ranks in a different kind of ‘intelligent’). So we’ve seen it all: running into windows, sliding across the floor, weird sleeping positions, jumping from a piece of furniture but not estimating very well and falling kind of painfully on the ground, (have I mentioned falling into the bath tub?), being frightened by the printer. Oh, one of the best moments was when one of the cats was trying to catch a football player from the game that was playing on TV.

So it is always fun around here, you’re NEVER bored!

5. Unconditional love

The more you stink, the better. Disgusting socks on the floor? Loving it. Gross sweatshirt on the couch? Better rub your head in the armpit area. DELICIOUS.

Your cat won’t care if you’re wearing make-up or not. As long as you give them love, they will give it back a million times.

I love my little guys.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to our little kitten in kitty-heaven. We had a little cutie pie named Cas, who was adopted in 2015, but died when he was only 9 months old due to neurological problems. He’s forever in our hearts. We realise that our youngest cat, Lou, looks freakishly like him.


Do you have any pets you’re crazy about? Please feel free to share! Pictures are greatly appreciated here one Happy DIY!

Happiness. Do it yourself!


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