The Christmas Challenge


Hello to all of my dear friends on the other side of the screen!

Here on Happy DIY, we are all about making things ourselves and lowering our impact on the environment. And so, as part of a desire to spend a more meaningful Christmas season, Happy DIY is challenging you to DIY as much as possible for Christmas!


  • Homemade decorations
  • Handmade gifts
  • Handmade Christmas cards
  • Homemade meals

Now, no need to panick! There will be PLENTY of tutorials and great Christmas vibes here on Happy DIY to get you started 🙂

It is my opinion that you better put all of your love and energy into homemade gifts, rather than spending your money in the consumer chaos that is called Christmas. And so, I’ve made a plan for homemade goodies to gift for Christmas.

Are you up for the challenge?! I know I am (it’s my favourite season of the year!)

Yes, this is in fact, one of our Christmas ornaments. RAAWRR

Yes, this is in fact, one of our Christmas ornaments. RAAWRR

Now, why am I already launching my Christmas Challenge in October? Well, I’ll be posting plenty of tutorials and DIY-goods in preparation for Christmas, so you’ll have the time to make it yourself and won’t be rushed into anything.

How can you participate?

  1. Be inspired by the tutorials and make your own gifts, decoration and Christmas cards. Challenge yourself to make beautiful things and try not to give in to the seasonal madness!
  2. Post pictures of your projects, leave a comment, communicate about your ideas.Let’s all help each other out and let’s have some fun DIY-ing 🙂

Here are some blog post I’ve already posted this year in preparation of Christmas: a delicious batch of peach-and-fudge jam; handmade vintage candles, a batch of plum jam; and let’s not forget about some tasty, homemade granola!

Happiness. Do it yourself!


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