The Christmas Challenge part n°3: candles DIY


What is this Christmas Challenge?! (I’m so glad you asked)

Well, here on Happy DIY, we are challenging you to DIY as much as possible for this Christmas season. Why?

  • First, and very obvious reason: this is a DIY blog  😉
  • To save yourself some money
  • To lower your impact on the environment
  • To challenge yourself to be creative!

Seems like enough reasons to get started, right?! 🙂

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Now, this is a very fun and easy tutorial, lot’s of fun to make and the results are great! You will need the following supplies:


Pink candle pigment

And that’s it 🙂

Step 1: Prepare your mold by placing a candle wick inside and tie a knot outside of the mold to seal everything off. For this particular mold, I found it very useful to use a clothespins to keep the wick in place. Make sure everything is stable.


The mold is a bit dirty after several uses, some candle-leftovers from the previous candle 😉

Now, you can either melt enough wax for an entire candle, or you can build your candle by making several layers, like the pink one. In this case, you will have to melt smaller amounts of wax (with pigment) and let each layer set.


Add the wax to the pan and let it melt. Be careful, as this stuff melts very, very quickly. If you are using pigment, it is going to look like this, and you need to stirr everything until you obtain a nice colour, before pouring the wax into the mould.



Can you see how some of the wax is pouring out at the bottom of the mold? This is not what you want 😉 I had to throw the wax back into the pan and put another wick in the mold. These DIY-tutorials don’t always make it on their first try!

After adding multiple layers of candle on top of each other, this is the result:


You could also choose to make a candle in one single colour, of course.

Step 2: Remove the candle from the mold. You’ll do so by untying the knot at the top of your mold and by placing the mold under a stream of hot water. The wick at the bottom  can be used to pull the candle out. Once removed, cut the excess wick so the candle can stand on its own.

Step 3: it’s time to decorate! I did a couple of experiments, and I found that it is quite fun to print some star shapes on paper and to use them as a template. I cut the stars from decorative candle foil in a metallic red color. I also did some free hand decorating by cutting out leaf shapes and strips of foil and assembling everthing in an organic pattern. Decorating is, of course, optional, you should create whatever you think is beautiful!



And finally: why not wrapping and gifting one of your candles?!


Happiness: Do it Yourself! 😉