Renovation report : before and after

Hello Frugal Folks!

Today I’ll be reporting about our living room renovation.

Supplies: one big living room covered in wallpaper from the nineties, one couple with a serious “Let’s Do-It-Ourselves” game plan, two water spray bottles, lot’s of paint, painter’s tape, protection for the floor and voilà! (oh I forgot: insert ONE weekend).

So essentially, we took off the old wall paper, filled holes in the wall with putty, rewired a few electrical outlets and painted the walls in a bright and fresh white “colour” by applying three coats of paints.

Total cost: around 200€ for the paint and that was it. 

Please enjoy this before-and-after picture session! I’ll be explaining below the pictures just how we proceeded.


Fireplace before


Fireplace after

Renovation repainting the walls

Dining room area before

Renovating living room

Dining room area after

Renovation living room before picture (2)

Wall adjoining the fireplace before

Renovation living room



Dining room area


We love our plants



So here are all my tips and tricks for a succesful renovation:

  • Water spray bottles: wooow did those make a difference! Basically, we sprayed water onto the wall and allowed the water to impregnate the paper. After that, we were able to strip off the wallpaper super quickly!
  • Be patient: calculate half a day or an entire day per task so you don’t get frustrated. For example: we both took our Friday off, and on that day, we stripped all of the wallpaper. On Saturday, we had planned to fill the holes in the wall with putty, and we started painting late in the evening. On Sunday, we added the other two coats in the morning and in the evening. And we were succesful!
  • Protect your floor. I love our wooden floor and so we made sure to cover it with a special plastic foil. Even so, we still had a few paint spatters which I removed with a cotton stick and white spirit.
  • Always follow these steps: 1. Prepare your room; 2. Remove the wall paper; 3. Fill any holes with putty, let it dry and then sand your wall; 4. Vacuum the room to avoid dust; 5. Start painting!

How about you? Do you plan on renovating a room anytime soon?

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