DIY Weaving project


Weaving project, wall hanging

Weaving pink tutorial (2)

Hi to all my creative readers!

Today I’d like to report about the weaving project I’ve created. I’m not going to lie, this project was a pain in the butt and I’m not going to pretend that you can complete your weaving project in under a week – for me it was more a matter of months.

However, I’m extremely happy that I pushed through and finished my project, and I’m actually really happy about the result. So now that I’ve warned you, don’t be put off; just know you’ll need lot’s of patience 🙂

I created this weaving for our bedroom, in an attempt to make it more interesting and textured. The good news is, this project isn’t actually expensive and it is a really fun feature for any room you’re thinking about decorating.

Total cost: around 30€.


  • A weaving frame. I bought mine at Veritas for 5€
  • Lot’s of wool. You’ll need thick threads of wool, that you can weave through the frame and create some fluffiness. I bought wool that was priced down. I believe the wool (5 balls of wool) cost me about 15€ in total.
  • Tassels. I’ll link to a fabulous tassel tutorial down below. The wool I used for my tassels cost a total of 4€
  • A wooden stick. This one was purchased for 4.95€ at the hardware store


  • Step 1: make a giant stack of tassels. When you think you’ve made enough tassels, make a bunch more. Seriously 🙂 Here’s a link to a blog I really like that features a great tassel tutorial.
  • Step 2: cut your weaving frame into the desired length and height. The actual weaving really isn’t difficult, it is just time-consuming. What I did was, I used the back end of a lightning match to push the wool into a hole of the frame. I skipped two holes and then pushed the wool through a third hole.


I alternated between rows of pink wool, and rows of white wool.


  • Step 3: Attach the tassels at the bottom of the weaving frame. I simply attached them with a strand of wool. I actually attached the tassels first, and then continued weaving down until I reached the tassels. I flipped them back and forth to pass underneath the tassels.

Weaving DIY pink (3)-01_resized

  • Step 4: attach your weaving to the wooden stick. Make sure it will be able to support the weight of your weaving. Once again, I used wool to attach the weaving to the stick.

Weaving DIY pink (1)-01_resized

  • Step 5: enjoy your reclaimed freedom!

Weaving pink tutorial (1)

Weaving pink tutorial (3)



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