All the love in the world

Well hello there!

This is my very first post-delivery article 🙂

I’m currently knee-deep into motherhood as my daughter Noor was born on the 16th of March. She came as an early birthday gift because my own birthday…. is the very next day. Her due-date was the 17th of March, the day I would turn 28; but she arrived on the very last day of my 27th year in life.

Anyway, having a baby is quite challenging, especially the first two weeks are rough. But in time it gets better and easier (and maybe some more experienced moms can reassure me by telling me that mastering the art of being a mom can take some time?).

Here are some things I’ve learnt in the process:

1. You will never love another human being more than your newborn baby. It is true what they say: having a baby gives an entire new meaning to the concept of love. And I’m pretty sure you feel this overwhelming love just to be able to cope with those exhausting, exhausting first few months.

2. Your friends and family will be super excited!

3. Staying at home and taking care of your newborn does not mean you’re on vacation. If anything, it is more difficult than working full-time, which requires working between 38 and 50 hours a week. Because being a mom doesn’t stop at 5 p.m., it’s a 24/7 deal.

4. Your baby will be the cutest, the smartest, the funniest, the best of all babies.

5. No matter how many books you’ve read about parenting, you’ll never be as prepared as you wish you were, because a live baby is not an article in a book: my baby certainly has a will of her own 😀

And finally: a whole new world of DIY-projects has opened itself to me. I’ll get started as soon as the exhaustion fades away.

See you in 24 years!