Ten things I’m grateful for – day 2

Today was a good day. Mainly because:

1. I biked from work to daycare to pick up my daughter and the weather was lovely! Nice and sunny, not too hot, not too cold.

2. I was put in charge of administrating the websites for Belgium and France for the company I work for… and today I started reading the instructions and realised I understand most of it 🤟🏻

3. I did not snack today, I only ate fruit. Didn’t even do that on purpose.

4. I picked up fresh books at the library 📖

5. Killed a mosquito this morning. HA!🦅

6. Got a compliment from my colleague about my work performance

7. Managed to be on time at work even if I did the double shift today: dropping off AND picking up baby at daycare

8. Took a lavender-scented bath (see my post from yesterday)

9. Made plans for a fabulous Christmas desert (is it too soon to start doing that?!)

10. Had one of those more meaningful, deeper conversations with boyfriend.🌅

Hope you had an awesome day yourself!



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