Creative DIY-projects

Living frugally means living creatively.

Save yourself some money by making things with your own hands: from gifts, home decor, to beauty essentials and jewelry. Click on each category to find a selection of tutorials and blog posts.


Frugal house decor

 How to upcycle a broken oven dish into a fun planter!   How to furniture your house for free.          

Handmade gifts

Save yourself a buck and make your own, wonderful gifts! Find all the gift-tutorials on this page.     Fabulously fun housewarming gift!             Homemade candles in vintage dishes

Handmade jewelry

Ah, the wonders of handmade jewelry! Find all of the blogposts related to jewelry making on this page.   How to make polymer clay rose earrings for merely a buck!       How to make an easy and adorable baby doll necklace.       How to sell handmade jewelry as a hobby to earn … Continue reading Handmade jewelry