Frugal Living

Yes, you are fabulous. And yes, you want to save money and pursue your lifegoals.

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Frugal cooking

Easy, fun and cheap recipes at your service!  The 25 minute cookie recipe: a batch of cookies for a mere 1.09€!   Easy-no-marshmallow-Rocky Road recipe. Homemade jam with Peach and Fudge.   Chocolate covered granola cookies.  Homemade plum jam.    Pink cupcakes with strawberries. 

Frugal living

Being a frugal person does not mean you’re missing out on something. On the contrary, needing less in life means that you enjoy it much more.   Travelling on a budget: Financial report       How I save money on my daily coffee routine.       How to spend the summer vacation at home. … Continue reading Frugal living

Money Saving Tips

Saving money is easier than you might think. Here are a few tips for saving money and achieve all of your goals!   Travelling on a small budget     How I save money on my daily coffee routine    How I saved 75% of my shopping budget.

Life goals and happiness

Reaching your life goals: not impossible!   How to reach your life goals through careful saving.       How to spend (survive) Valentine’s Day.        How to deal with an afternoon of feeling blue.